The South Carolina Association of Christian Schools began in 1967 and is an organization of 80 member schools with a combined enrollment of nearly 11,000.  Although most of the schools are church sponsored, SCACS is not an organization of churches. It is an association of schools.  A diversity of schools make up our membership and are sponsored by Independent Baptist, Southern Baptist, Southern Methodist, Free Will Baptist, Bible Baptist, Presbyterian Church of America, Wesleyan, Bible Church, and others. A few of the schools are sponsored by independent religious, educational organizations.

SCACS and its member schools are firmly committed to academic and spiritual excellence. The Bible is taught as a regular class in our schools and Biblical principles are an integral part of the academic regimen. A strong chapel program, twice weekly, including the preaching of God’s Word, is a staple diet in most of our schools.

The record shows that our students perform well on the Stanford Ten Achievement Testing. Last year the average score was around the 83rd percentile, which is in the top quartile in the nation. The national average is the 50th percentile. A reprint of that report is available from the SCACS office.

Our students also participate in a wide variety of fine arts, academic, and athletic competition. The SCACS fine arts competition is often described by those who do the judging as some of the best in the state. This is available to all students in grades one through twelve.

In addition to providing a quality school opportunity to thousands of students in South Carolina, our schools also save millions in tax revenues. It is reported that education costs in the public school system are about $5400 per student. Considering our enrollment, that savings to the state of South Carolina soars to over $80,000,000! Most of that is a direct savings in our state budget.

Included in the information you received today you will find a directory that contains a list of our member schools. You are encouraged to call any of these schools for information about SCACS. Be sure to ask them how SCACS and its programs are a help to them.

SCACS also offers a free subsidiary service known as C-Net (Church Child Care Network), which provides a variety of programs for church child care centers.  Included would be a newsletter, Spring Training sessions for church child care professionals, a church child care convention, and on-site evaluations.  C-Net also acts as the voice for church child care in South Carolina.

Please feel free to call on us if we can provide additional information or assist you in any way in your continuing effort to provide quality Christian education to the children of South Carolina in your part of the state.

Give us the opportunity to sit down with you, or with your board, and discuss what SCACS can do to help your school. SCACS exists only to serve its member schools. There is no other agenda.