Fine Arts » Registration Forms » Level I & II

Level II Academic Testing (actually Grades 3-6) – online at – order between January 10-20 – Testing window is January 20 – February 10

Elementary School Registration – FAFR6 FAFR6 in Excel or FAFR6 in PDF

Level I Individual Registration – FAFR7 FAFR7 in Excel or FAFR7 in PDF

Level II Individual Registration – FAFR8 FAFR8 in Excel or FAFR8 in PDF

Level I Group Registration – FAFR9 FAFR9 in Excel or FAFR9 in PDF

Level II Group Registration – FAFR10 FAFR10 in Excel or FAFR10 in PDF

Level I Art Packing Slip – FAFR16 FAFR16 in Excel or FAFR16 in PDF

Level II Art Packing Slip – FAFR17 FAFR17 in Excel or FAFR17 in PDF

Level I Participation Sheet (in school use only) – FAFR20 FAFR20 in Excel or FAFR20 in PDF

Level II Participation Sheet (in school use only) – FAFR21 FAFR21 in Excel or FAFR21 in PDF


*** PDF Forms can be printed and completed by hand. Some of them can be filled in and printed.