Fine Arts » Registration Forms » Level III & IV

Level III&IV Spelling Bee – FAFR2-in Excel or FAFR2-in Word

Level III & IV Academic Testing – online at – order between January 12-20 – Testing window is January 20 – February 20

Level III & IV Essay and Poetry Registration – FAF4-5 FAFR 4-5 in Excel or FAFR 4-5 in PDF or FAFR 4-5 in Word

Jr. & Sr. High School Registration – FAFR11 FAFR11 in Excel or FAFR11 in PDF

Level III Individual Registration – FAFR12 FAFR12 in Excel or FAFR12 in PDF

Level IV Individual Registration – FAFR13 FAFR13 in Excel or FAFR13 in PDF

Level III Group Registration – FAFR14 FAFR14 in Excel or FAFR14 in PDF

Level IV Group Registration – FAFR15 FAFR15 in Excel or FAFR15 in PDF

Level III Art Packing Slip – FAFR18 FAFR18 in Excel or FAFR18 in PDF

Level IV Art Packing Slip – FAFR19 FAFR19 in Excel or FAFR19 in PDF

Level III Participation Sheet (in school use only) – FAFR22 FAFR22 in Excel or FAFR22 in PDF

Level IV Participation Sheet (in school use only) – FAFR23 FAFR23 in Excel or FAFR23 in PDF


*** PDF Forms can be completed by filling in the highlighted fields.

For your convenience all forms can be emailed to the SCACS office.