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The Voluntary Accreditation of Christian Schools (VACS), is a means whereby the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools can assist member schools in the building of stronger Christian schools.  Accreditation is voluntary.  It is not an attempt to license or regulate.  The VACS is never viewed as a governmental accrediting program.  In order to be accredited, a school must state a philosophy of education that is in conformity with Biblical standards, demonstrate that the school’s program is in agreement with that philosophy, and meet certain standards that are generally acceptable to Christian educators.  A school voluntarily enters the VACS and may withdraw at any time.


The South Carolina Association of Christian Schools is aware that accreditation never has and never will assure quality in any school.  It will, however, cause a Christian school to self-evaluate its educational process and to receive counsel from experienced educators.  The accreditation process will also help a Christian school identify any weaknesses in its programs and offer suggestions on how these areas can be strengthened.  In this way, accreditation should assist a Christian school in improving the quality of its curricular and instructional programs.  The South Carolina Association of Christian Schools is committed to helping Christian schools produce quality Christ-like students.


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