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The South Carolina Association of Christian Schools (SCACS) has developed the Professional Employee Certification Service (PECS) for the benefit of Christian schools.  The Service provides objective standards for evaluating and recognizing the preparation and experience of current and prospective employees.  The Committee on Certification, which functions under directives established by the SCACS Executive Board, administrates the PECS program.

PECS also provides parents with the assurance that professional educators have examined the credentials of those to whom they entrust their children for academic training.  This Service does not evaluate the spiritual characteristics of personnel, except to require that the employing school recommend the applicant and that the applicant subscribe wholeheartedly to the PECS Statement of Faith.

This Service to schools and parents must not be misconstrued as a license to teach or to perform other duties in a Christian school, and it should never be represented as such to parents or to governmental entities.  The program simply provides a uniform procedure for appraising professional credentials.